Why is crypto down? Bitcoin -2.43%, Ethereum -2.52%, Tamadoge’s hottest coin


As the crypto markets recover, the top performers, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, continue to fall after each price increase. On the other hand, coins like Tamadoge, Dogecoin and others are taking their place among the top gainers in the crypto ecosystem.

The global crypto market has declined by 2.49% in the past 24 hours, while at the same time, global trading volume has increased by 12.08%. It is becoming clear that the industry is moving towards decentralized finance, paving the way for the rapid growth of coins like Tamadoge.

Tamadoge – A new crypto with massive growth potential

As most established cryptos continue to decline in value over the past 24 hours, investors are looking for better options. Tamadoge is the latest meme coin project that entered presale a few weeks ago and has become extremely popular among investors. It is the first meme coin in a metaverse, with features such as a built-in NFT store, Play-to-Earn mechanics, showing huge potential.

Tamadoge is still in its infancy. The project should be commissioned at the end of 2022, but it already shows great potential for growth. For example, the pre-sale of TAMA tokens turned out to be much more successful than initially expected. Of the 2 million tokens, 50% are available in presale which was to last until mid-October. However, due to massive investor interest, the presale will end in early September, or if all 1 billion tokens are sold. Nonetheless, the platform has raised over $2 million in less than a month, which signifies a bright future ahead.

Tamadoge decided to reward the luckiest investor with $100,000 in TAMA tokens by hosting a public giveaway. All you need to do is invest at least $100 in TAMA tokens and complete a few easy tasks to become eligible. Once the platform goes live, TAMA tokens will increase by 25% immediately and will likely continue to snowball throughout 2023.

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How to buy TAMA?

Although the pre-sale of Tamadoge only recently started, investors around the world have already done their part to capitalize on this incredible investment opportunity.

Check out this guide if you want to become part of the Tamadoge community and potentially get rich by investing in Tamadoge. The step-by-step guide will explain each process in detail, so be sure to read it carefully.

Once you have completed all the steps, you will be the proud owner of your first Tamadoge token.

Step 1 – Create a crypto wallet

If you don’t already have one, you must first create a crypto wallet to buy Tamadoge.

Most wallets are simple to create and completely free. That said, we recommend using MetaMask as it includes support for multiple strings.

Go to MetaMask official website, tap “Download” and follow the instructions to set it up.

Step 2 – Buy ETH/USDT

You can buy TAMA coins only through Ethereum (ETH) or Tether (USDT). Both of these cryptos can be acquired through the leading crypto exchange platform.

However, you also have the option to buy ETH directly by credit/debit card on the official Tamadoge presale platform.

After buying ETH/USDT, transfer the tokens to your crypto wallet.

Step 3 – Connect Crypto Wallet with Tamadoge Presale Platform

Go to the official Tamadoge website and press “Buy”.

Next, click on “Connect Wallet” and choose your wallet provider. You will see a bunch of instructions appear; follow them to complete the login process.

Step 4 – Buy Tamadoge

Type in the exact amount of TAMA coins you want to buy (minimum is 10,000) and press “Convert ETH” or “Convert USDT”.

Check the information you entered and confirm the transaction if everything is correct.

Step 5 – Claim Tokens

Finally, all you have to do is claim the Tamadoge tokens.

But, you should know that the “Claim” option will only be available after the presale is over.

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Top Crypto Performers on a 24-Hour Fall

The crypto industry used to be volatile, but it seems to have become even more volatile over the past few weeks. Interest in the FED continues to grow, and other factors such as the war in Ukraine and global supply chain issues are all contributing to shrinking crypto markets. Let’s first look at the price declines over the past 24 hours.

Bitcoin (BTC)

As the leader of the crypto ecosystem, Bitcoin has fallen 2.43% in the past 24 hours. It’s currently priced at $23,460.22, a significant reduction after a few weeks of growth. BTC started falling on August 17, losing 7.34% and falling back to the $23,400 level. The cryptocurrency began to rally the next day, gaining around 1.40%, but it still has 5% to recover from recent losses. While its trading volume has increased over the past 24 hours by almost 10%, the crypto is still struggling to break through the $23,500 mark.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is the 2nd cryptocurrency in the world. The platform is currently undergoing massive changes, and while it has gained a lot over the past few weeks, it has lost 2.52% in the past 24 hours. It started falling at the same time as Bitcoin, hitting a new 24-hour low in less than 6 hours. ETH is currently priced at $1851.30, with a 24-hour low of $1,823.23. Its trading volume is up 29.7% to $20,193,194,604.


Many popular altcoins including Cardano, Binance and others are following the recent downtrend. Cardano lost 4.83% and Binance lost 3.64%. However, both have seen a 25% or more increase in daily trading volumes, and the same can be said for most other popular altcoins.

meme pieces

Meme coins such as Dogecoin, Shiba Inu and others have also lost at least 5% in the last 24 hours. DOGE fell 5.09% to a price of $0.08079, while Shiba Inu fell 8.36%. However, Dogecoin also saw a considerable drop in daily trading volume of 53.52%.

DeFi tokens

While the rest of the crypto projects continue to lose value, some decentralized financial cryptos continue to grow. For example, Yearn.Finance’s YFI token rose 0.54%, with 24-hour trading volume increasing by 77.4%. On the other hand, Avalanche loses 5.66% and Aave loses 7.56%.

Why is Tamadoge the best investment right now?

The issues causing the crypto industry to shrink will not go away in a matter of days. Growing uncertainty in the world and many other issues are forcing millions of token holders to sell their assets and move their wealth elsewhere. However, judging by the massive buzz surrounding Tamadoge, it looks like one of the few cryptos that could bring huge returns right now. So don’t miss your chance to become an early investor before the presale ends.

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