New York couple accused of laundering $4.5 billion in crypto

  • Bitfinex is still negotiating a possible plea deal
  • Morgan was released on house arrest
  • Federal prosecutors asked to postpone the hearing to August 2

New York couple accused of washing $4.5 billion in crypto money tied to 2016 computerized cash trading hack Bitfinex is yet to stage potential demand trading while verifying more than 1.1 gigabytes of evidence of the situation, the reviewers said.

Ilya Dutch Lichtenstein, 34, and his girlfriend, Heather Morgan, 32, herself a Wall Street Crocodile broadcaster, were due to appear in government court in Washington next Friday.

Lichtenstein is being held in jail without bail

Regardless, in a court documenting U.S. Memorial Day on Monday, government investigators asked to postpone the conference until Aug. 2, referring to conversations about the case’s potential goals ahead of the preliminaries. and the obligation for litigants to investigate the voluminous monetary documents handed over by the public authority.

Lichtenstein and Morgan were caught in February and charged in a criminal protest with planning to wash 119,754 bitcoins taken after a programmer in 2016 broke into Bitfinex and started more than 2,000 unapproved trades.

Authorities from the US Department of Equities said the trades at the time were estimated at $71 million in bitcoins, however, with the increase in the value of the money, the value stood at $4.5 billion. dollars at the time of their capture.

The pair had vibrant public profiles, with Morgan known as rap singer Razzlekhan, a pseudonym she said on her site alluding to Genghis Khan but with more flair.

A prodigious jury still appears not to press charges against the couple, after examiners previously signaled in March that they had consented to stop the Speedy Trial Act to talk about a possible plea deal.

Lichtenstein is being held in jail without bail, while Morgan has been delivered home from capture.

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The most effective method to recognize digital scams

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Guarantees of guaranteed returns: No monetary company can guarantee future returns since speculations can go down as well as up. Any crypto offer that guarantees you will make money is a warning.

Poor or non-existent whitepaper: Every cryptocurrency should have a whitepaper because it is one of the most fundamental parts of an underlying coin offering.

The whitepaper should make sense of how digital currency was planned and how it will work. In case the white paper does not aggravate the sense, does not exist – then, at this point, proceed with caution.

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