Method and Everyrealm will host a Method Metaguild token sale starting September 29


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Web3 esports team Method MetaGuild is set to conduct its regulated token sale on Republic’s platform beginning September 29.

A way to generate revenue from Esports content

Method and Everyrealm create the world’s largest community for esports and web3 gaming. They aim to attract casual gamers, content creators and developers into an ecosystem that captures the benefits of Web3 in all its forms. Positioned at the intersection of NFTs, games, and the metaverse, Everyrealm makes it easier for millions of people to access Web3 and capture a slice of its user-owned economy.

The $MMG Token allows you to own a piece of Method MetaGuild that will leverage in-game utility tokens, NFTs, and cash assets, to generate returns through gaming in addition to revenue generated from esports content and advocacy efforts. marketing.

The fundamental value of the $MMG Token is to provide financial value to holders in the form of dividends and capital appreciation. Additionally, holders of $MMG Tokens will recognize value through various forms of access and governance.

The Method MetaGuild economy will leverage in-game utility tokens, NFTs, and cash assets, with value going to $MMG holders.

Method founder Scott ‘Method’ McMillan is a 17-year esports veteran who has led his guild to a record 12 world premieres. The Legend of the Game applies the same energy to MMG that it once applied to WoW. The $MMG token sale will open a new chapter in Method’s journey and launch an era of profitable web3 games for savvy investors.

Everyrealm is the gateway to the Metaverse and one of the most active investors and developers in the Metaverse real estate ecosystem. Everyrealm invests, manages and develops assets including NFTs, virtual real estate, metaverse platforms, games and infrastructure, and currently holds stakes in over 30 metaverse platforms, has developed six real estate projects metaverse and has over 4,000 NFTs.

Method is the first-ever esports organization to focus exclusively on MMOs and RPGs, and is the winningest World of Warcraft guild of all time. Throughout its seventeen-year history, Method has elevated community esports through the creation of its flagship event, “Race to World First”, invested in educational technology platforms designed to positively impact player performance and helped turn countless passionate gamers into community legends.

MetaGuild Method is a joint venture between Method and Everyrealm focused on building the largest community in virtual worlds and Web3 games. Method MetaGuild is breaking new ground by expanding the Web3 gaming ecosystem and providing esports athletes, casual gamers, content creators, and developers with a platform for growth and discovery.

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