Loopmancer: Best upgrades to get first


All electronic parts recorded by Xiang Zixu in Loopmancer are lost upon his death. But by spending them on good upgrades, players can invest in a powerful hero.

Correct upgrades are essential to survive Loopmancer. The main hero Xiang Zixu can cheat death by reviving the previous day, but losing all his saved money. However, funds already invested in upgrades will be retained in the next loop.

As a rogue-like style game, Loopmancer is designed around dying multiple times before mastering everything. Players will likely lose a lot of their unused electronic part currency in unexpected situations. But with the following races, it will be possible to transform Xiang Zixu into a powerful cop.

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Players can earn bonus e-Coins by talking to the Director in his office after each successful mission. However, players can only accept e-Coins or Cores. This may initially cause a delay in acquiring more Loopmancer skills or cosmetic items. However, by dying and investing deliberately, one can eventually buy many powerful upgrades.

Priority upgrades in Loopmancer


There are two types of upgrades in Loopmancer: the personnel that Xiang Zixu can recover and the investments in electronic parts for weapons, equipment and chips. Since each level is randomly generated, the exact location tends to change. However, they tend to always spawn in the same relative region, such as near a boss encounter or friendly NPC like Mona and Funk.

Xiang Zixu ImprovementsAt each stage, players can access hidden direct upgrades. Note that these types of upgrades only last one loop. If players are killed, they will lose each boost, but can then make new choices while repeating Loopmancer. There will be two options for Zixu’s stats to upgrade. Below is a list of priorities to go for, if both appear for the particular upgrade module:

  • Ferocity: +7% melee damage
  • Sniper : +7% ammo capacity
  • Resilience: Max HP +6
  • Blood bank: +1 Healing Soda Carry Capacity
  • Expansion: +9% tactical gear usage
  • Endurance: +9 Stamina

Weapon and Equipment UpgradesA more permanent form of upgrades is to customize weapons and other items. When visiting the police station, Ray will offer to upgrade any items currently equipped by Zixu. Note that Funk will not upgrade weapons in the field, even those purchased from his shop. This means players will need to survive their current run and bring said items to Ray. Additionally, any weapon, gear, or chip acquired through investment can be upgraded to its stage terminal.

MacheteThe Large Machete Knife is one of the initial weapons Ray will gift to Xiang Zixu during the first real loop. It has a faster swing than the Fire Ax and more damage than the Alloy Tonfa, giving it a nice balance. Players will want to buff the Machete’s damage first, then its overpower meter. It can easily be the primary melee weapon used throughout Loopmancer.StickThe Quarterstaff is a possible weapons terminal inside Longxi Town. It has great range and damage and will propel Zixu forward at the end of the combo. His over-the-top special move can be quite powerful, but the raw damage is still impressive. Therefore, players will want to buff damage and overpower at a 1:1 ratio.PAR-M submachine gunThe PAR-M SMG is a gun that Ray will give away during the second day of Loopmancerinvestigation. This independently of the main players who follow, Ditch Village or Kouga Industry. As this is a rapid fire gun, players will want to upgrade clip size first, followed by a number of reserve clips, and finally damage.

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Loopmancer is currently available on PC and will be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and Switch later this year.

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