LBank Exchange will list TGK GOLD (TGK) on June 17, 2022


INTERNET CITY, DUBAI, June 15, 2022 – LBank Exchange, a global digital asset trading platform, will list TGK GOLD (TGK) on June 17, 2022. For all LBank Exchange users, the TGK/USDT trading pair will officially be available for trading at 4:00 p.m. (UTC+8) on June 17, 2022.

Aim firmly and honestly to step forward looking to the future, TGK GOLD (TGK) focuses on being a company that contributes to humanity. It introduces blockchain technology to the gold mining market and introduces consumers and gold enthusiasts to the TGK cryptocurrency. The TGK token will be listed on LBank Exchange at 4:00 p.m. (UTC+8) on June 17, 2022, to further expand its global reach and help realize its vision.

Introducing TGK GOLD

TGK Gold LLC is an Alaska marine gold mining company located in the city of Nome, Alaska. It has the right to operate the 23,000-acre (93 million square meter) Gold Mine field in the Nome City ocean under license from the state of Alaska. The founder of TGK, which started in 2006, is said to be one of the most successful miners in Nome City, Alaska’s recent history. Based on its experience and expertise, TGK plans to become the strongest of the top five mining operators in Alaska by 2025.

However, finding financing for a mining operation can be difficult, buying gold is expensive and selling gold in small quantities takes time. To solve these existing problems in the industry, TGK Gold Coin, a Singapore-based company, issued a cryptocurrency called TGK GOLD (TGK) on the blockchain in partnership with TGK Gold LLC. The TGK coin will provide TGK Gold LLC of Alaska Nome City with expansion funds faster than other companies to increase gold production.

TGK GOLD (TGK) is a cryptocurrency for consumers and gold enthusiasts, it allows them to buy gold within the limit of their own coin. Additionally, the company will use cryptocurrency to invest in stable gold and provide deep trust and supply schedules for consumers and enthusiasts who own gold at high prices to future asset values. For TGK holders, it will provide them with a gold supply contract for physical delivery.

With TGK GOLD, gold buyers can purchase gold with a corresponding late delivery discount if gold supply and demand are delayed to a later date due to production schedules or supply issues. device equipment (excluding natural disasters and weather changes). They can also buy gold directly from mining operations without the cost of wholesale trading or transporting gold, pay the supplier the average gold buying cost to buy gold, and then the receive when the gold mining process is complete.

Additionally, for those who own TGK GOLD coins and purchase gold, the gold miner will provide and track global gold production records, and provide large or small amounts of gold directly to consumers and to enthusiasts without much time.

About the TGK Token

The TGK GOLD (TGK) token aims to benefit consumers and enthusiasts by developing gold mining and the gold market for consumers and enthusiasts. Based on BRC-20, TGK has a total supply of 300 million (i.e. 300,000,000) tokens.

TGK token will be listed on LBank Exchange at 4:00 PM (UTC+8) on June 17, 2022, investors who are interested in TGK GOLD investment can easily buy and sell TGK token on LBank Exchange by then. TGK’s listing on LBank Exchange will undoubtedly help it further expand its business and attract more attention in the market.

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