Lack of ‘qualified people’ without more Web3 education, say academics



Australian blockchain scholars and educators have called for stronger Web3 education in schools, preparing students for a world that will be dominated by blockchain technology.

Huxley Peckham, head trainer at Blockchain Academy International, told Cointelegraph that there are “very few qualified people in the blockchain industry, but there is a high demand for qualified people,” noting that in the world, there are at least 60 different industries using blockchain technology.

Peckman and Blockchain Academy International founder Tim Bowman said it’s time to quickly expand blockchain education in schools to prepare for a shift in the global economy.

Peckham thinks blockchain education is important because it will allow “the next generation of strategists and consultants to come out with a real grip on this industry,” noting that knowing how to apply the technology will “really enhance their careers.”

He suggested that blockchain is a lucrative industry to get into, noting that he’s seen various jobs in the industry commanding “$300,000”. [Australian dollars] as well as incentives.

Chris Berg, co-director of the RMIT University Blockchain Innovation Hub, told Cointelegraph that it’s essential for students to have an idea “of what the economy looks like, how the economy is changing” when it comes to cryptocurrency. and blockchain.

Berg strongly believes that students “must leave Year 12 with an understanding of the changing nature of the economy and the technologies that will affect it, one of them being blockchain.”

Meanwhile, Leigh Travers, CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Binance Australia, told Cointelegraph that it is imperative that Australian students can access the same level of high-quality education in blockchain as those seeking a career in traditional industries.

Travers noted that Binance Australia recently introduced a “Binance Internship” – allowing students to learn from the best “Web3 and crypto” and “hopefully land jobs outside of that.”

This is in addition to plans for Binance Australia to form a partnership with Australian universities so that a “blockchain master’s degree” can be created to help people “enter the metaverse or build it for the future.” .

Bowman noted that his academy has “met a school in Brisbane that is going to offer an applied blockchain degree to their Year 11 and Year 12 students in 2023.”

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Blockchain Academy International is the first blockchain education institution to be approved in Australia for government-issued student loans.

This allows Australians to enroll in its blockchain courses without having to pay upfront, instead of taking out a loan from the Australian government the same way university loans are given.

Bowman said he thinks young Australians are already ahead of the game in many ways, recalling a personal experience he had when speaking to a primary school principal who asked a sixth form class ” who here knows what an NFT is?” which was followed by “half the class raising their hands” before learning that “six students had already purchased an NFT”.

A recently released survey report by Australian crypto exchange Swyftx estimates that Australia will gain one million new cryptocurrency holders in the next 12 months, bringing total crypto ownership in the country to more than five. million.

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