It’s easier to get rich with (GLO) than with Bitcoin (BTC) or Bitcoin Gold (BTG)



It’s confirmed. The easiest way to become a millionaire in the 21st century would have been to buy a small amount of Bitcoin (BTC) when the decentralized financial network was still a baby. No other common investment has outperformed BTC. Not stocks, not real estate and certainly not gold.

Speaking of gold, Bitcoin Gold (BTG) has been touted as the next get-rich-quick coin. If you had bought BTG in May 2020 when it was below $10, you could have gained 1500% in May of last year. However, if you have kept it, since then it has lost 90% of its value. It’s a bit up now, but who knows what the future holds for one of these volatile assets. They all represent a huge risk for everyday investors. This includes Bitcoin.

Of course, include some BTC in your wallet. But if you’re not very diverse, you risk having a very pitiful retirement. So diversify. You can go out and buy stocks, bonds, real estate, gold and so on, maybe some NFTs and crypto. But all of that takes a ton of time. Moreover, individual investors almost always underperform the markets.

Here’s a better, easier way to build a diversified portfolio. Invest in Uniglo (GLO), and do it while this DeFi project is still in its ICO (initial coin offering). Uniglo has found a way to build a massively diverse portfolio of real-world digital and token assets while creating a token that is both eternally deflationary and eternally growing cash. What’s amazing is that this happens regardless of which direction the markets are heading – unlike BTC and BTG, or any other popular cryptocurrency for that matter. In fact, the more volatile the market, the faster the supply shrinks and the faster money flows into the Treasury.

Uniglo is an investment DAO. It’s a community of like-minded investors with an eye for long-term, high-conviction investing. All community members (GLO holders) can vote on how cash is invested, when to take profit and when to reallocate funds. The community can also vote to redeem GLO tokens if the price drops below the treasury value.

The treasury is funded by a 10% royalty on all purchases and sales of GLO tokens on the secondary market. Half of this sum goes to the Treasury. 20% is burned. And the rest goes to operations and marketing. Since the royalty is paid by both parties to a sale, it doesn’t matter if the price goes down or up. The money always flows into the treasury. Eventually, the Treasury will hold assets greater than the market capitalization of the coin. At this point, the coin will be fully backed by these assets.

As you have probably realized, this token structure greatly benefits early investors, especially ICO investors. The ICO takes place by November 15. All unsold tokens will be burned before GLO goes public. At this point, the token becomes deflationary.

The smart game here is to enter the ICO and then sit back and let everyone who arrives after the ICO fund the cash and burn their tokens. If it takes off the way we think, even a small investment today could translate into a very respectable retirement.

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