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Some big projects like Cardano and Ethereum, as well as some coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, were born out of this rapid rise in popularity.

However, there have also been scams of successful projects, which ended up being scams or bubbles that eventually died out.

As a result, most investors find investing in cryptocurrencies scary, especially in a country like ours where the infrastructure of the industry is still in its infancy. This is where Kunji comes in and makes your life easier! Kunji is the best partner to explore the field of crypto, and even more so if you are new to the space.

Four Reasons That Make Kunji Your Best Crypto Companion

1. Analytical prowess

For new investors, one of the off-putting things about crypto investing is the plethora of bifurcated data sources and its daily need for constant tracking due to the high speed of the industry. The past few years have shown that the crypto market is very volatile, with changes occurring every week. Nevertheless, among all the jumble of daily price predictions, there is an alpha that reveals the true statistic relevant to your portfolio.

With Kunji’s comprehensive analytical prowess and vigilant observations, sophisticated investment decisions can be made based on aggregated data from all relevant sources.

2. Expert team of fund managers

Despite all the technicalities of cryptocurrencies, they are investments that require experienced minds to manage risk and hedge positions. Kunji has dedicated teams of fund managers and analysts experienced in conducting comprehensive research and execution. These managers assess market factors and calculate accurate price levels 24/7 to secure your funds and capture growth opportunities wherever possible. Each project is also evaluated for various technical and fundamental parameters such as on-chain indicators, sentiment, etc.

3. Complies with government regulations

Although cryptocurrencies have been around for over a decade, they continue to receive a bitter response from regulators around the world. In India, Crypto is governed by complex regulations, primarily by the government and the RBI. Tax and compliance struggles can get very tricky very quickly. Fortunately, Kunji’s financial experts are well equipped to navigate government regulations, keeping your funds under control in an ever-changing scenario at all times.

4. Combination of essential skills to navigate the structure of the market

A key aspect that sets cryptocurrencies apart is that they are influenced by many conventional, technical, and fundamental factors. Therefore, managing crypto funds requires a variety of skills, such as technical analysis, on-chain analysis, macro outlook, geopolitical awareness, etc. All of these areas are areas of expertise for Kunji professionals. They ensure that your funds are invested in the best crypto assets that provide consistent medium to long-term alpha growth and consistent hedging against short-term swings.

Things to remember when investing in cryptocurrencies

1. 24/7 market, plan accordingly

Trading in conventional financial markets, such as commodities and stocks, is subject to a time barrier. Cryptocurrencies are not like that. Crypto markets are open for trading 24/7, so you need to plan your strategies accordingly. Kunji, for example, monitors the best trading times based on global market movements and specific timeframes for certain assets to make investment decisions accordingly.

2. A medium- to long-term approach is key

At the very core of things, cryptocurrencies are akin to having a stock/share in a high-growth tech startup. Therefore, it is better to have medium and long term trading strategies rather than short term pushes. As a result, you will be able to circumvent short-term fluctuations and risks and reap the true benefits of cryptocurrency investments. Moreover, a DeFi or Web3 crypto project with solid foundations will take time to thrive, while the overhyped ones will not survive long and will destroy your wealth.

3. Data can be overwhelming, find a way to navigate

Since blockchain facilitates a permissionless world of continuous development, you’ll have a ton of information at your fingertips, which can be overwhelming to process.

This causes FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) among crypto investors, who make irrational decisions without doing due diligence before investing or trading.

It is best to avoid this to avoid big losses and additional risk to your portfolio.


Cryptocurrencies and digital assets are one of the most popular investment assets of the digital age, but managing them can be difficult for new entrants. Kunji simplifies it and makes it easy. Managing your crypto investments with Kunji is a breeze thanks to Kunji’s team of experts and well-rounded decisions – fundamental, quantitative and positional execution. They help you identify and analyze relevant data, monitor regulations, and keep tabs on the market to optimize your investments all in one place.

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