Greenlyght Coin merges crypto and cannabis with a new token



Bridging the worlds of crypto and cannabis, Greenlyght Coin, a blockchain technology that uses real-world utilities to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and cannabis, has officially launched its token.

With growing demand for all businesses to accept crypto as a form of payment, GLC is working on solutions to use its token with BUSD as currency across its cannabis delivery network

Greenlyght offers coin holders a multitude of rewards as incentives.

Greenlyght’s app charges a 2% transaction fee for all orders that go through the system. One hundred percent of this transaction goes to all holders in the form of BUSD rewards through their self-composed profit sharing and participation program.

“As we continue to grow as a company, the 2% rewards will become increasingly important,” said Bret J. Jackson, entrepreneur owner of Greenlyght and doxed developer. “Our plan will always be to improve the incentive package. The more coins a Greenlyght Coin holder has, and the longer they choose to hold them, the more BUSD they can earn over time.”

When coin holders stake their Greenlyght Coins, they are then able to earn additional coins through the blockchain technology itself, which allows holders’ cryptocurrencies to earn reflections as they are staked.

The Greenlyght Coin Team has reserved 25% of the total coin supply (105,000,000 coins out of a total of 420,000,000) for holders who wish to earn reflections on their investment.

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