Goldman Sachs Introduces Crypto Classification System



  • Goldman Sachs revealed a crypto categorization system.
  • Crypto categorization is known as Datonomy.

Goldman Sachs, a global investment banking, securities and investment management firm, is now ready to reveal a crypto categorization system for several cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, XRP, Shiba Inu, Solana and several others tokens.

What is Datonomy?

Datonomy was introduced to classify coins as well as tokens according to their usage. The intention is to give market members a consistent and systematic way to view and analyze the digital asset ecosystem.

The service will also help clarify how the market moves and can be licensed for a number of use cases such as reviewing and evaluating portfolio performance and reporting. It was created in collaboration with Coin Metrics and MSCI.

MSCI is the owner and sole administrator of Datonomy and may obtain information about potential changes to this new classification system. Goldman Sachs, MSCI and Coin Metrics are the advisory board members. In this respect, third party members can give competence to maintain the classification system. Who will be among the first third party members is yet to be announced.

Source: Goldman Sachs

What are the officials saying?

Head of client strategy for the Marquee platform, Annie Marie pointed out that the crypto space has seen crucial growth over the past few years. In order to make our customers understand the ecosystem of digital assets, we will make it a great structure. The reason is that they need to focus on performance monitoring and risk management in digital assets.

According to the Client Strategy Manager, cryptocurrencies are categorized into Metaverse Tokens, Blockchain Utilities, Decentralized Finance Tokens, Specialty Tokens, Application Utilities, Value Transfer Tokens, Trading Services, and Other Utilities.

Global Head of Derivatives Licensing and Thematic Indices at MSCI, Stéphane Mattatia, said: “We strongly believe in a consistent and systematic structure or categorization of digital assets, as this is key to supporting the ability of investors to visualize and analyze the ecosystem of digital assets.

He further added that “we take our normal experience of what works in stock categorization systems to give effective investment equipment. Using this equipment, clients will be able to measure the vulnerability of their portfolios in order to detect performance as well as risk.

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