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SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE, September 27, 2022 / — It’s a rare moment when the whole world comes together enthusiastically to understand and exchange ideas to contribute to a conversation that has the ability to shape our lives. The recently hosted GDCC Online Blockchain Summit 2022 was a watershed moment in the field of blockchain and digital currency where more than 43,000 people from over 80 nationalities participated in this online virtual summit. The Blockchain Summit 2022 was simulcast on Facebook, Vimeo, Twitch, and other platforms. Blockchain Summit 2022 was the culmination of many pioneers in the field of blockchain and digital currency. It was sponsored by the GDCC and organized by TelCrypto. The summit was bolstered by Muzella as an NFT partner, Bliss Token as Metaverse partner, and Hopium as decentralized exchange partner. Blockchain Summit 2022 was the challenging result of support from official partners such as Global Digital Technology Token – GDTT, Virtual Digital Technology Token – VDTT and KRS Token.

The overwhelming response to Blockchain Summit 2022 is clear testimony that the digital revolution in the form of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency is set to change the way we perceive human interactions. The success of the Blockchain Summit confirms the reality that more and more people are now considering Blockchain technology and investing in digital assets as an investment option that can dramatically change our financial relationships.

The primary motive for holding Blockchain Summit 2022 was to educate students, new investors, young entrepreneurs, and retired adults about investment opportunities through digital cryptocurrency facilitated by Blockchain technology. This is the reason why Blockchain Summit 2022 covers several topics holistically which revolve around Blockchain technology and digital currency. The significance of this summit was that the guest speakers of this summit came from all over the world. Mr. Dwayne James touched on the topic of “Blockchain Risk Management” where he highlighted the key features of blockchain as a decentralized data ledger that helps cryptocurrency users avoid fraud. He also pointed out that the decentralized nature and encrypted cryptography reduce the transaction cost between the two parties. He pointed out that Blockchain risk management should be present in the development plan of the crypto project.

Another guest speaker from Nigeria, Mrs. Delight Gbujie, explained how cryptocurrency can be effectively developed as a source of continuous passive income with little activity and little time investment. Mr. Andre Williams discussed how Crypto could empower more people to be their own boss by achieving financial freedom through cryptocurrency investments and digital asset investments. He also explored the idea of ​​”FIRE” (Financial Independence and Retire Early) to understand the ability of digital investments to give financial freedoms to investors.

Ms. Aulia Lestari shared her insightful observations comparing and contrasting Web2.0 VS Web3.0. She highlighted the idea that just like digital technology in its next phase of transformation, Web 2 is transforming into a new avatar of Web 3 where VR (Virtual Reality), Blockchain, NFT (Non-Fungible Assets), Crypto, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Machine Learning, IoT (Internet of Things). Emma Smith and Marianna spoke together on the subject of the metaverse and how it can shape human experience and shape emotional perceptions. The two speakers collectively expressed that the metaverse is a collective interface with many digital features that can heighten users’ sensory experiences. Mr. Oliver Wade talked about the future of Blockchain and Metaverse and how quickly the common man will use this technology to his advantage. Mr. Akanji Joshua explained how Blockchain-backed cryptocurrency can be the way to effectively decentralize finance.

Mr. Mokoena Botha spoke about the capacity of Metaverse and its near-term future. Mr. David Sari discussed how the liquidity of cryptocurrency gives a unique advantage to crypto investors when trading digital asset investments. He pointed out that the biggest advantage of investing in cryptocurrency is that it can act as an “automatic market maker” that is independent of demand and supply from buyers and suppliers. This allows digital investors to achieve true financial independence from market forces.

Ms. Bassem Lucas explained how blockchain technology has evolved so rapidly and helped us understand the importance of blockchain ecosystem. Mr. Steven Ospina discussed a very important aspect of analyzing a good crypto project and how to avoid questionable crypto projects. He exclusively emphasized the importance of a quality “white paper”, a decisive document that can separate quality crypto projects from questionable ones. He also points to the need for investors to be more investigative-oriented and aware to conduct investment research before investing their sum in cryptocurrency instruments. Mr. Benjamin Brown shared his thoughts on how economists have explored people’s behavior for hundreds of years. He pointed out that the process of understanding the pattern of customer and investor behavior falls within the realm of “behavioral economics”. He shared the determination that the field of behavioral economics will be called upon to play a proactive role in the field of digital investing. Mr. Mike Kalin shed light on smart contracts and their expanding functionality. Mrs. Irhaa Farooqi explained the importance of the ICO market process.

The Blockchain Summit 2022 facilitated financial education for the general public, but also introduced innovative methods to proactively engage the general public in the digital space through a competition to buy virtual land in the metaverse . This competition has created a buzz and a sense of excitement in the growing community of digital investors.

The Summit also announced the WIN Metaland competition organized by Bliss Token and Global Digital City where 75 winners will have a chance to win free land on Metaverse Global Digital City supported by Bliss Token. Participants can access more information about winmetaland. com

In a real sense, Blockchain Summit 2022 was an international effort to write a new chapter in the field of blockchain technology, digital assets and investments. This is an investment appealing to ambitious investors who wish to pursue their investment journey with confidence. Are you the next “crypto investor tycoon” in the making?

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