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In the post-modern digital world, when people are enchanted with the crypto space, GBR launched its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to become the default crypto payment gateway for the real estate industry.

GBR tokens can be used by real estate investors and traders as utility tokens within the GBR ecosystem. The fast and economically advantageous transactions of the token created by Polygon will enhance digital commerce between sellers and buyers of real estate.

The GBR token has a maximum supply of 60,000,000 tokens, of which 40% is expected to circulate in private and public sales, 25% is reserved for corporate attribution, 20% to its partners, and the remaining 15% will be used for marketing and the GBR ecosystem.

Additionally, GBR COIN operates as an all-inclusive blockchain framework that serves as the transactional backbone for the gas, oil, and real estate industries. In today’s rapidly changing living conditions, it will likely be a gift for people to get involved in an economic and market-friendly environment without the intervention of third parties.

GBR’s new venture aims to help the oil and gas industry solve its key challenges, including maintaining a consistently competitive market and firm environmental standards. By improving transparency, speeding up transactions, ensuring data security and reducing abusive practices in the real estate industry, GBR COIN can improve the current state of the industry.

Having succeeded at all levels, GBR moves forward with rich passions and enlightened visions. Now, GBR is offering to be the main sponsor of the World Blockchain Summit scheduled for October 18 in Dubai. This global event is led by HE Abdulaziz Alnuaimi, Deputy Undersecretary, Commercial Affairs Regulatory Sector, UAE Ministry of Economy.

The World Blockchain Summit is a “global series of elite gatherings taking place in +19 destinations around the world”. The aim of the event is to bring together the most important players in the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The collaboration of the GBR and the summit paves the way for discussions on the future of digital business and its contribution to the transformation of business and government functions.


GBR COIN is a cutting-edge blockchain project built on the Polygon blockchain. The GBR team developed the project to make it fully community driven and take the entire cryptocurrency space to the next level. GBR aims to create a comprehensive service where users can access a suite of cryptocurrency and blockchain facilities in a single ecosystem.

The GBR platform seeks to become the de facto payment gateway for the real estate, gas and oil sectors using distributed ledger technology and blockchain-based transfer applications such as NFTs and currencies digital.

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