Double the funds on Web3: to invest in Web3 startups in the TGV portfolio


True Global Ventures 4 Plus (TGV4 Plus), a venture capital firm, announced the completion of a $146 million funding round allocated to a variety of Web3 projects, demonstrating continued investor interest in the crypto despite the current bad market.

The TGV4 Plus Follow-on Fund was led by a group of 15 general partners who invested an average of over $4 million (over 40%).

Easy identification of winners

The most recent fund, called TGV4 Plus Follow On Fund, was led by a group of 15 general partners who invested an average of over $4 million (over 40%, or $62 million) in the fund.

“There are always good teams with great products at the right time, regardless of the market scenario. The optimal time to invest is during a crisis, not during a bull market.

Huobi Global, a major crypto exchange, established Ivy Blocks, a new investment arm with capital of over $1 billion in crypto assets, on Friday last week.

The majority of funds will be invested in Web3 startups in TGV’s portfolio, with the remainder going to late-stage Web3 opportunities.

TGV has previously invested in a number of Web3 companies across three verticals: entertainment and gaming, financial services and artificial intelligence using a core fund dedicated to late-stage Series A, B and C.

“Now it’s much easier to identify the winners.” Our investors have shown a high level of confidence in us as a result.

Notable TGV investments include The Sandbox, Animoca Brands and Forge.

One of TGV’s 15 general partners, Duan Stojanovic, gave his thoughts on investing in times of market weakness:

While recommending to fellow VCs to continue investing in crypto startups, Stojanovic also said that the market correction helps identify the strongest players:

Huobi also provides an asset management platform, a new blockchain incubator and a dedicated research arm in addition to financial injection.

Huobi Global CFO Lily Zhang also said Houbi’s asset management department will provide “cash investments” to help decentralized finance and Web3 businesses get off the ground.

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