Cuprum Coin Announces IEO Offering on Bitforex Exchange




Cuprum Coin is delighted to announce the successful pre-sale launch of its commodity-backed cryptocurrency on the Bitforex exchange.

According to the announcement, of the 250,000 pieces planned, cuprum coin sold 273,811 coins for $10 per Cuprum Coin (CUC). Gaining a lot of interest from the cryptocurrency community, CUC is expected to be listed on five exchanges, including Bitforex, Alterdice, Detrade, Latoken, and WhiteBIT. Bitforex Exchange launched an IEO on August 8 but planned to place a secondary listing on August 16 with WhiteBIT. Note that the team behind the project says it receives new listing requests every day, including two from the top 10 and 3 from the top 20 exchanges.

The IEO started with CUC/USDT pairs but will add CUC/BTC, and CUC/ETH pairs will be added after listing and once liquidity is created. Notably, the IEO was announced earlier but was delayed to polish the project to perfection. The team is currently working with one of the world’s leading market makers to ensure the long term sustainability of the project.

Cuprum Coin is a unique platform with its native blockchain built on the principles and network of Tezos benefiting from Proof-of-Stake (PoS). A native token of Cuprum Coin, CUC is an altcoin with no mining capability. The altcoin has its own Blockchain Explorer and technical advantages over Ethereum, Bitcoin, and many other cryptocurrencies in the market.

CUC is backed by an underlying scarce asset worth over $60 billion. Behind every 1 CUC is the value of $200 of ultra-fine copper powder. Cuprum Coin maintains over 20 tons of ultra-fine copper powder in a high security facility in Germany and intends to purchase additional quantities in the future. The altcoin also enjoys fast transaction speed, good governance structure, consensus mechanism, and low transaction fees.



The launch was done in honor of one of the Cuprum Coin team members who recently passed away. Mario Urlić, CEO and Founder of Cuprum Coin, explained:

“A few days ago, we were struck by the sudden and unfortunate news of the death of our member, Mr. Alfred Freh, who participated in the creation of the project with me from the beginning. So I want this launch, which he was looking forward to with so much joy, to be in his honor.

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