Big Eyes Coin – An Ethereum-based token expected to be the next crypto to explode like Tron and Aave



Big Eyes is a classic metaverse project with the vision to participate in the current evolution of the Web 3.0 space. Several projects are already participating in the ongoing revolution in virtual space. Big Eyes Coin strives to tap into this pool of unlimited opportunities for developers and users.

A recent study by the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) of India stated that the launch of Web 3.0 would add to the country’s GDP.

The study shows that the Web 3.0 market can inject around $1.1 trillion into India’s GDP by 2032. Factors such as the country’s high crypto adoption rate have led to this conclusion.

Moreover, India has a vast pool of talent and product development for international markets. Over 450 native crypto startups are also boosting market attraction in India. Some of these crypto companies include Polygon, CoinDCX, and CoinSwitch.

This study verifies the influence of crypto on the global economy. It also shows that the future of Web 3.0 and crypto in general is bright for early adopters. This is why a project like Big Eyes offers several Web 3.0 compatible products in its ecosystem.

Big Eyes products and services extend to all vital aspects of crypto. The platforms have sections that cater to DeFi solutions, NFTs, and the Metaverse. Big Eyes is also involved with charities that impact lives globally.

The Big Eyes token makes the perfect landing

The internal currency that runs the Big Eyes economy is BIG. The Big Eyes team ensures that its online and offline activities bring more value to the token. Several utilities that BIG is powering on the Big Eyes platform will allow the token to achieve the highest status in the future.

Comparison of Big Eyes Coin with Tron and Aave

Tron is a public network that strives to build the vital infrastructure of a decentralized internet. Tron’s architecture is powered by the Delegated Proof-Of-Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism.

This algorithm allows 27 super reps to validate Tron’s block and transactions. Validators rotate their task every 6 hours within the Tron network.

In May 2022, Tron issued the USDD stablecoin into circulation. USDD has adopted a hybrid mechanism of algorithmic stablecoin and oversized peg to reserve crypto. Tron founder Justin Sun said his coin is one step ahead of other stablecoins, which run on the centralized protocol.

Justin assured that USDD does not depend on a centralized structure for redemption, issuance, management and storage.

Tried and tested – Aave

Aave is the premier DeFi lending protocol for those wishing to borrow tokens. The Aave protocol facilitates trustless lending and borrowing of digital currency between users. Joining the Aave platform does not require a KYC procedure, AML anti-money laundering documentation or intermediaries.

Aave announced via its official Twitter account in September 2022 its approval to launch the third version of the Aave protocol. This release will feature improved functionality over the current Aave 2.0 protocol. The Aave team will incorporate important updates that resolve the limitations of the existing version.

Method to buy the Big Eyes utility token during its presale

The BIG Token Presale is the best time to grab the coin for those interested in participating in the launch. Start by downloading Metamask for PC or Trustwallet for mobile. Then you need to create a wallet account according to your choice. Also, be sure to protect your security information from intruders.

Using Coinbase or any leading crypto exchange, fund your new wallet with ETH or BNB before purchasing the BIG coin.

Once your wallet is registered, you need to link it to the official Big Eyes presale portal by visiting in your favorite browser. Fill out the form with your details and the number of BIG tokens you wish to purchase.

When you have selected the payment token and checked the terms and conditions box, you can click buy to complete the purchase process. By completing this step, your order of BIG tokens is complete. Your purchased assets will be delivered to your wallet after the token presale period ends.

Big Eyes intends to tap into the explosive Web 3.0 economy to provide its users with more ways to improve their financial situation. Join the platform now to enjoy its benefits.

redeem code BIG247 to earn bonus chips.

Watch this video to learn more about this exciting new token.

Big Eyed Coin (BIG)




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