Best winners / losers of November; Trade Tokens, Bitcoin, Meme Coins Down

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It is December 1st and our monthly coin run this time shows that November has been a mix for the crypto market.

Compared to October, the last month saw a much worse performance for the overall market, with both bitcoin (BTC), smart contract platform tokens like polkadot (DOT) and cardano (ADA). , and the two biggest coins even recording losses for the month.

Bitcoin, meanwhile, saw a notable correction during the month, and some investors may also be disappointed that the month ends far from the $ 98,000 closing price predicted by popular bitcoin analyst PlanB.

Top 10 pieces for November

The top 10 coins by market cap had mixed performance in November, although some coins performed much better than others.

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Bitcoin hit its all-time high of around $ 69,000 on November 10, but has since fallen more than 20%, before cutting some of its losses in recent days. As of this writing, BTC remains down just under 18% from its peak, trading around the $ 57,000 mark.

As for other major coins that have suffered over the past month, the recently hot dogecoin (DOGE) has been hit the hardest by the selling pressure. The original meme coin, which fought with shiba inu (SHIB) for meme coin dominance, fell 21% for the month, after unsuccessful attempts to reach new all-time highs in August and October.

After DOGE, the second worst performer of the month on the top 10 list was Cardano’s ADA token, which lost almost 20%. The token has been on a steady downtrend since it hit its all-time high of $ 3.1 on September 2 and remains down almost 50% from that level.

Looking at the coins that performed well during the month of November, the Binance Coin (BNB) stands out among the blue chip cryptos. BinanceIts trading token rose more than 20% for the month to reach a price of $ 633, not too far from its all-time May 10 high of just over $ 690.

Best of Top 50 in November

By expanding the scope to cover the 50 most valuable coins by market cap, we can see that many of the best performing November were indeed smaller cap coins that don’t get the same publicity as the bigger ones.

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The best of this group was GALA, a token issued by the blockchain games company Gala games. The token saw a major rally in the second half of November, gaining nearly 700% in just two weeks. The rally occurred amid heightened optimism about the crypto gaming and metaverse sector.

Also in the same broad category as GALA, often referred to as metaverse tokens, was also Sandbox (SAND), which stood out with a monthly gain of over 300% at $ 6.75. However, the current price is still lower than the all-time token high of $ 8.49 reached on November 25.

Meanwhile, MANA, the token used in the Decentraland virtual world, rose nearly 69%, trading at $ 4.58.

The worst of the top 50 in November

The move to the worst coin among the top 50 coins by market cap reveals that while many coins suffered in November, the month was greener than red.

While the top 3 performing coins in the top 50 increased by 553%, 303% and 238%, respectively, the 3 worst performing coins suffered losses of -34%, -26% and -21%.

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Cosmos (ATOM) is notable in this group of coins, which lost nearly 26% during the month. The coin is now down nearly 40% from its all-time high of $ 44.80 on September 20, trading at $ 27.63.

Other major coins that suffered losses included the fantom (FTM), the coin falling over 21% on the month for a price of $ 2.17. It should be noted, however, that before November, FTM recorded solid gains in August, September and October.

In addition, the decentralized application platform (dapp) Close to the protocolNEAR’s token emerged as one of the losers in November, after a strong performance in October that took it to a record high of $ 13.2. As of this writing, the token remains down about 35% from this level.

Meanwhile, as already mentioned, meme coins like DOGE and SHIB also stood out among the biggest losers in November.

Top 100 and 200 winners and losers

Zooming in further to look at the 100 most valuable coins by market cap, we can see that a number of coins have more than doubled in price over the past month, with the best performance – GALA – increasing even more.

As for other coins not yet discussed, the decentralized exchange (DEX) token loopring (LRC) stood out with a gain of almost 336%, while the coin (CRO) rose by more than 200%. In addition, the smart contract platform avalancheThe AVAX token, which gained attention this year thanks to sky-high fees on Ethereum, has gained nearly 100% over the past month.

Finally, we take a look at the engines among the smallest and lesser-known parts of the top 200 by market cap.

Here, CEEK, a token used on a virtual reality platform of the same name, has increased by a whopping 722%, after moving in an almost vertical line from one historic high to another.

The lowest performing among the top 200 coins in November was SAFEMOON, the coin that ironically promises to bring holders “safely to the moon”. At the time of writing, the coin was trading at $ 0.000002, down 55% for the month.
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