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NEW YORK, NY, July 11 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BabyApe is a huge project with big ambition that is driven by its community; NFT Gaming & Metaverse, collaboration among other projects that will be related to it and will surprise you with the brilliant strategy behind it all.

BabyApe believes that to be king you must be distinct from other projects and you must be unique rather than one of many. So the team behind BabyApe decided it should be both useful and entertaining, so they designed the utility part using the Buy and Burn Cycle and Alliance system.

Mix of ‘Buy & Burn Cycle’ and ‘Buy & Burn Alliance’

The buy and burn cycle works on the principle of buying different projects like Shiba Inu, Doge coin, Apecoin, Baby Doge and Luna classic and burning them forever, which means every week BabyApe will buy coins from these projects and burn them without asking for anything in return.

By buying and burning these projects which are quite well known, BabyApe will become the biggest burners of these projects, and the goal here is to be recognized by their community for this, which will bring BabyApe a lot of attention and ultimately more and more individuals join the community.

The Buy and Burn Alliance is the same thing except that BabyApe will require projects that join this alliance to buy and burn BabyApecoin in return which in the end will benefit everyone because there will be solidarity between several projects, a solidarity that currently does not exist, and everyone will be a winner.

Entertaining the Community with Comics: Cyberverse Chronicle

BabyApe has the best webcomic with a great storyline and lots of easter eggs and references for people to enjoy. If readers stick with the story, they will be stunned by the breadth of the storyline set up. Everything is about to explode with the arrival of the third episode. BabyApe also hopes to make it into a real manga and an official anime, which will attract the attention of individuals in the crypto and NFT worlds, as well as the BabyApe project.

BabyApe NFT and Metaverse

BabyApe, too, wants to do something unusual and has a great plan. A total of 20,000 NFTs will be deployed under the project. Everyone who owns a Bored Apes Yacht Club NFT will be able to collect 50% of the 10,000 NFT for free. This means that people who hold NFTs worth hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars will also buy BabyApes NFTs. Chances are that Bored Ape Yacht Club holders will sell BabyApe NFTs at extremely high prices, so the remaining 50% will be available to the public, ensuring very substantial earnings for those who purchase BabyApe NFTs.

BabyApe will also launch its official P2E game. Here is a preview of the official game:

BabyApe Tokenomics

Each BabyApe Buy transaction will have a 10% tax, while the Sell transaction will have a total tax of 15%. Taxes are further distributed as follows:


  • 2% Liquidity
  • 5% holders
  • 3% Marketing

SALES TAX (15%):

  • 4% Liquidity
  • 5% holders
  • 6% marketing

BabyApe has locked 77% of the tokens for security reasons, assuring holders that the tokens will not be sold. Each lock has a lock date, and everything is square and secure.

To get more information about BabyApe ($ATG), visit the project’s official website or read the white paper.

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