Are Bitcoin lovers Kanye West and Snoop Dogg the next to endorse Big Eyes on Dogecoin?


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Well, by now we are all used to the ties between Hollywood and the cryptocurrency industry. I mean, we all know that. Much of the “job” of being a celebrity is, in fact, influencing the public and ultimately “selling” the “dream”. The connection between the personalities and powerful of the world, the general public, social media and financial products or services is strong and eternal. Whether it’s tangible commodities or abstract fantasies, there’s always something for sale, there’s always someone who wants to sell it, and there’s always someone who’s interested in buying it.

So let’s dive right into it. Who sells what, where and above all, to whom?

Well, cryptocurrency has been a “thing” in Hollywood for quite some time now, with celebrities swearing by their digital currency and web investments. Kanye West and Snoop Dogg are, of course, leading the pack with their efforts and full involvement in the NFT and Metaverse sectors.

Snoop Dogg

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Rapper, actor and businessman (who, as reported CNN, just released his own brand of breakfast cereal – Snoop Loopz) is a real crypto aficionado. Nay, the man is literally building a crypto empire with his NFT collections and his efforts to support young emerging artists through digital currency. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are one-of-a-kind blockchain tokens that can represent ownership of a digital or physical asset, usually in the form of a unique work of art.

The “Drop it Like it’s Hot” singer recently spoke about what’s been going on in the crypto markets lately and how he thinks the cryptocurrency winter “could actually be good for the industry. long-term”.

The artist went on to say that he thinks crypto is a “great industry” with a lot of potential and a lot of opportunities too. He added that he personally believes the industry’s temporary swaying position is not here to stay, “there is always a depression in every industry,” he says, comparing the current slump in markets from the cryptography to those of alcohol, tobacco, fashion and even food.

The statement comes just after major news broke about:

  • First, the world’s major record labels, Universal, Warner Music Group and Sony Music, have all been investigating the possibility of using NFT technology in the near future, which in turn would entice even more artists to join. to cause.

  • Second, after partnering with Bored Ape (and starting his own Taco Truck company – bored taco), Snoop might consider teaming up with another animal-themed project. Dogs? Nah, cats!

The Starsky & Hutch actor is said to be in talks with the developers of Big eyes for the creation of a “top-secret” project involving unique NFTs that will stimulate and benefit young emerging artists.

Kanye West

Another talented artist, rapper and businessman. Kanye West (who was recently spotted with a “mystery brunette“), famous for his lifestyle brand Yeezy and of course, his relationship with modern-day starlet Kim Kardashian (formerly Kim Kardashian West), is not new to making “shocking” claims.

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This time, the 21-time Grammy winner spoke out in favor of cryptocurrency, saying America’s “true liberation” (Forbes) could actually come from Bitcoin (BTC) and the cryptocurrency industry as a whole. Well, that’s a bold claim, Kanye! But could he have told some truth in that?

(Kanye on the Joe Rogan Podcast)

In the digital age, having the ability to create “personal wealth” through decentralized finance (DeFi) and thereby eliminating the need for intermediaries (such as banks) has been a blessing for many. , including celebrities.

All (or almost all) crypto projects hold the space and freedom to generate passive income for their users in a convenient and easy way. Essentially, the DeFi protocol works like this: you can stake your “magic” token to earn a return in digital currency which you can then trade on margin for derivatives of even more digital tokens. In a sense, this process constitutes a remarkable achievement for our society – as a (now) important sector of the economy, we have finally developed a separate financial system that is, for the most part, functional, (very) profitable, and also almost entirely disconnected from the physical world.

The billionaire and (controversial) supporter of MAGA, after having some concerns about NFTs (non-fungible tokens) offering them volatile “objects” with no basis or intrinsic purpose in the “real world”, turned around. He’s now warmed to the idea of ​​having his own NFT collections, following in the footsteps of fellow rapper Snoop Dogg.

According to more than 15 new trademark cases surrounding the rapper’s alter-persona, “Yeezus,” Kanye West may be preparing to create his own NFTs.

These speculations are based on the fact that “Ye” (Kanye’s new legal name) is now exploring “non-fungible blockchain-based assets”, currencies and tokens, possibly trying to open a Metaverse online retail store. which would feature digital art. as well as items from her fashion house Yeezy. All of this, it is said, will be created in partnership with Big eyesa newcomer to the world of cryptocurrency and digital art.

Other celebrities

If you thought Mr “Ye” or “Big Unc Snoop” were the only superstars to venture into the wonderful world of digital commodities and investing, you are wrong my friend!

In the cryptocurrency endorsement expedition, alongside the aforementioned duo, other very important names appear.

Artist and influencer Paris Hilton has done NFT “hot” bringing to market a series of “iconic” digital artworks that have sold for millions of dollars. The heiress to the “Empire” of Hilton hotels has repeatedly applauded the industry for how it has helped democratize art and empower women.

Goodwill hunting Actor and Oscar winner Matt Damon has also expressed his total commitment to the cryptocurrency industry. In recent months, Damon has stated that “Fortune favors the brave” and that investing in digital currency should be a priority for anyone looking to generate passive income.

Last but not least, British model Kate Moss has used cryptocurrency for good. The businesswoman and fashion icon has jumped on the NFT trend by presenting something completely original. She created a video showing her in bed, sleeping, and posted it as a non-fungible token titled “Sleep with Katewhich later sold for over $17,000. All proceeds went to the non-profit organization “Gurls Talk”.

Other notable figures involved in cryptocurrency include Kim Kardashian, entrepreneur Elon Musk, Bella Hadid, Eminem, and comedian Ellen DeGeneres.

Now, who will be the next big celebrity to support Big Eyes?

“Certified Cuteness”: Big Eyes

Alright, so we mentioned the possibility of celebrities like Kanye and Snoop endorsing Big eyes. Cool! But you might be wondering what is Big Eyes? Well, here’s what we know about the new “certified kindness” meme coin and NFT-based cryptocurrency.

First of all, Big Eyes (BIG) has been fully developed to be the cutest meme piece in the cryptocurrency sphere. It’s been said that the creators of Big Eyes – a cute ginger kitten with glowing eyes – crafted the project to be the best possible alternative to the (silly-looking) Shiba-inspired meme motto already on the market. (Dogecoin rings a bell).

Big Eyes (BIG) is a fully-fledged community token with the explicit purpose of creating and then transferring revenue from the Defi ecosystem into individual wallets, while preserving the core component of global community interconnections.

Community-issued tokens can generate significant wealth for individuals and charities. Big Eyes is working to expand its efforts even further by developing a blockchain ecosystem that can self-propagate for hypergrowth using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) – You can see why the two rappers, who have always been interested in developing community ties and helping younger generations, would consider getting involved in the Big eyes ecosystem and efforts.

In order to ensure the sustainability and longevity of the project, to guarantee an ecosystem of privileged investors, but also to circulate good ideas, the ecosystem has set up fast and fluid reactions, like those of a cat, of course. A simple yet dynamic tax system will adjust fees with Auto Burn, Marketing Wallet and LP Acquisition features.

Big Eyes plans to get into NFT creation, with a creative market waiting to open – the NFT Sushi Crew. The NFT collection will aim to bring joy to the community while increasing the value of the token, in turn benefiting all holders. Additionally, all revenue generated from NFT events will be contributed to a vote on whether or not to burn currency.

Big Eyes also plans to give its community access to many other internal projects such as contests, reward systems and a shop where Big Eyes aficionados can buy cool products designed by the hottest artists in the world. sector; this “eye-wearing” venture aims to attract even more people to join the “family” and expand Big Eyes’ reach (as well as the incumbent’s wallets).

DeFi’s cutest project aims to raise 50 million USD by the end of the year. According to the data, the Big Eyes presale has so far managed to raise $1 million.

The Big Eyes platform will be a place for creatives, artists, and anyone who is truly “hungry for change.”

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