ALGO Price Set to Return to $0.25 as This New Token Could Grow 20x in 2023



After rising over 15% in the last week of October 2022, Algorand (ALGO) has started to show signs of a price reversal as we head into the end of 2022. However, investors are eyeing an investment in a new cryptocurrency altcoin – Dash 2 Exchange (D2T).

With the instant success of D2T in the ongoing presale, a 20-fold price increase is predicted for 2023.

Will ALGO continue to surge or correct to $0.25?

Since January 2022, ALGO has fallen from $1.66 to the $0.28 level in August. After trading sideways between August and early October, ALGO saw an upward move towards the end of October 2022.

From a price of $0.29, the ALGO token rose to $0.338, a price increase of 16.5%.

According to the 3-month price chart, ALGO failed to sustain a price increase despite the regular price jumps seen in the token price. After rising from $0.29 to over $0.4 in September 2022, the token fell back below $0.29 in early October.

Thus, investors may experience additional volatility – with a potential price correction to $0.25. Although historical performance is not an indicator of future results, the price of ALGO Coins has faced volatility throughout 2022.

Alternatively, investors can diversify their funds in the current crypto market conditions by investing in some of the best emerging crypto presales, such as Dash 2 Trade (D2T).

Dash 2 Trade – The Next Emerging Cryptocurrency in 2022

Traders looking for a new investment opportunity or an ALGO alternative might consider Dash 2 Exchange (D2T) – a new cryptocurrency available for purchase during presale. The D2T token provides exclusive access to all features of Dash 2 Trade – an all-in-one crypto analytics platform.

By purchasing a starter or premium package with D2T, investors can access a variety of trading signals, technical indicators, and price alerts. Costing 1,000 D2T per month, the premium package tracks social sentiment via on-chain analysis. The platform uses market-leading data feeds to promote informed decision-making among newbies and active traders.

By purchasing the premium package, investors can participate in quarterly trading competitions – which reward the best with free D2T tokens. Other features include a backtesting platform, auto trading features, and risk profilers.

To access Dash 2 Trade dashboard features, investors can pre-purchase D2T.

D2T could potentially offer 20X returns

According to Dash 2 Trade White Paper, 700 million tokens are available for purchase through a 9-step presale. Aiming to raise over $40 million, D2T has already raised over $2.5 million in just one week after launching the presale.

One of the most anticipated novelties cryptos under $1, bargain hunters can grab D2T for just $0.05 before the price increases throughout the presale. In the last presale round, the cost of the D2T token will increase to $0.0662, an increase of 32.4% from the current level.

Early investors who bought the token at $0.0476 in the first round will have experienced a 39% price hike by the end of the presale. Considered online as one of best crypto launches this yearD2T’s multi-purpose boxes on the platform’s dashboard could make it a great investment opportunity for 2023.

Compared to meme tokens like Dogecoin (DOGE), D2T offers high token utility and investment opportunity at a much lower price. While Doge currently has a market capitalization of $8.8 billion, Dash 2 Trade just crossed the $2.5 million mark. After the presale is over, new listings on some of the major cryptocurrency platforms will help D2T experience higher upward momentum.

A 20x price increase after the presale would result in a market capitalization of $800 million for the native Dash 2 Trade token. This would equate to less than 10% of DOGE’s current market capitalization and 33% of ALGO’s. As of this writing, the price of Bitcoin has also rallied above $20,000, leading some analysts to speculate whether the next crypto bull run is imminent.

With Dash 2 Trade dashboard subscriptions opening in Q1 2023, we can expect massive token demand for D2T by early 2023.

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