Youth Loan: Requirements for Obtaining the Loan

Are you young and need a loan, but don’t know the process to follow to get it? How can you get a young loan and how to get the loans with the best interest?

Let’s see it together in our guide on what to do to get a loan with that can help us solve some problems or take away some small whim.

Here’s how to find the young and suitable loan for you!

Youth loan: how to get it

Youth loan

If you find yourself in need of a loan, but you are young, gives you the opportunity to get the amount of money you need easily and even quickly and without having to go through a complex process.

If you need to get money, the first thing we advise you to do is a loan. Here we talk about Unicredit ‘s credit express Dynamic, a young, fast and easy loan

This is a purposeful loan with which you can get the money you need to buy a car, furniture, vacation or anything you want to buy.

We inform you that this type of financing does not allow the purchase of a house, does not allow you to buy land or use it for the expenses to be incurred for renovations. It is a purposeful loan, therefore with constraints.

The loan amortization plan goes from 3 years up to 7 years, to repay the installments on time it is sufficient to provide the data of your current account and Unicredit will directly withdraw the sum of the installments every month. The number and cost of the installments can be decided at the time of the estimate.

The options of this type of loan


The finalized loan provides the customer with three options for the repayment plan :

  • Installment skip;
  • Installment change;
  • Top up the loan.

With the installment jump you can postpone an installment for each year, the installment that will be paid at the end of the payment plan. If you opt for the installment change you can change the monthly spending figure and also the duration of the reimbursement plan.

The loan top-up solution can be requested after two years of amortization and cannot be requested more than three times. This particular option allows you to request extra liquidity to be added to the requested amount.

However, the amount of the new request must not exceed the sum reimbursed by the debtor up to that time.

The necessary guarantees

As with any type of loan, even there are guarantees to be given to obtaining it.

The various guarantees to be provided are always the same, so they also apply to those who do not have a payslip and/or for those who have been protested or included in the list of bad payers. Below you will find the various guarantee options that are useful for applying for a loan

  • The pay slip : the guarantee that allows you to get the loan quickly and also with advantageous rates;
  • The guarantee of a third party : thanks to a third party who can be a parent, a friend or even a relative, a loan can be obtained. The third person’s guarantee, which must be able to act as a guarantee, allows the loan to be obtained, but the guarantor could become the main responsible for the repayment of the sum instead of the debtor;
  • The pension : a guarantee for the loan that can influence the number of installments depending on the age of the subject;
  • The salary-back assignment : helps to get a loan even if you are bad payers and even if you have been protested. The sum to be returned monthly will therefore be deducted from the salary.

What you need to get the loan 


To have the loan you must provide, at the time of the request, the following documents:

  • The pay slip or the last tax return (only for self-employed workers) or the pension slip;
  • A valid identity document.

There is no need to bring other documents since will take care of the rest of the operations.

How long to get the loan?


In most cases, if the loan request has been sent directly to the site, the loan can be obtained from the account up to 48 hours after the opening of the specific case.

In the case in which the sum is requested in a branch, will be the one in charge of indicating to the applicant the waiting time necessary to have the loan needed.

Interest for the loan

Choosing to make an estimate online or even in the branch, allows you to know the interest of the loan so both the TAN and the APR.

TAN is the interest rate. The APR is the summary total cost of the loan. These two values ​​can change depending on the amount requested and/or the type of loan.

The APR is the cost of the fees that must be paid for the practice. Given that both the TAN and the APR can vary depending on the type of loan chosen, we recommend that you check them properly and always choose the lowest and cheapest.

The loan for protested subjects


To find out if  allows protesters and bad payers, we recommend asking for the information you need at a branch. A person in charge will assess the specific situation and decide whether or not to accept your loan request.

One way to be able to get a loan from by protesters or bad payers, you can decide to give the salary- backed loan as a guarantee.

Thanks to the sale of the fifth of the salary it is easier to get the loan even from protesters or bad payers and also helps to have lower interest rates . With the sale you can get a loan repayment plan in 10 years.

And temporary workers?

If you are young and have a fixed-term contract, you can get a loan with Unicredit just give the bank additional guarantees. From temporary workers, the number of installments must not exceed the remaining months of the contract.

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