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As we all know, President Jokowi is now increasingly focusing on the direction of government to the micro, small and medium enterprises or MSMEs. This is because MSMEs are projected as one of the driving forces of the Indonesian economy.

According to a report, it was informed that at least the number of MSMEs in Indonesia had reached 49 million and was predicted to absorb more than 107 million workers.

The contribution of the MSME sector to gross domestic product (GDP) has also increased in the last five years. The Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises recorded a jump from 57.84% to 60.34% in 2016.

Among MSMEs, the creative economy industry also recorded positive growth with a growth of 5.6% between 2010-2013. This industry contributes 7.1% of GDP and has absorbed around 12 million workers.

This makes it one of the mainstay domains to encourage increased community income and plays a strategic role in combating unemployment and poverty.

Despite showing positive growth, the MSME sector and the creative economy industry are currently facing intense competition, especially with the enactment of the ASEAN Economic Community (MEA).

The government targets GDP contribution to reach 7-7.5% until 2019.

By looking at the facts, of course it is the duty of the community to continue to drive the progress of the productivity of MSMEs in the future. However, currently a large number of MSMEs in Indonesia still face major problems, in the form of limited business capital.

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The Best Lending Solution Loan

The Best Lending Solution Loan


Why P2P Lending is the best solution. Here are some reasons that answer this question.

# 1 without loans


Limited access to capital loans is now being faced by MSMEs in Indonesia. This HH is caused by a mismatch between financial products offered by traditional institutions and the needs of MSMEs.

Most traditional institutions require borrowers to provide guarantees before loans can be disbursed. On the one hand, most MSMEs tend to lack assets or collateral to meet the requirements of institutions such as banks.

Loan products from traditional institutions also require a loan application process that is quite complicated and usually requires a long time in the process of disbursing money.

This is of course increasingly difficult for SMEs that need fast loans to meet business capital needs.

On the other hand, P2P Lending loans are a suitable loan option for MSMEs because they do not require collateral. P2P Lending loans are based more on whether MSMEs are deemed feasible or credible enough for the requested funds.

To get funds from a P2P Lending loan, MSMEs need to submit capital requirements to the P2P Lending platform .

If the proposed business is deemed feasible, the P2P Lending loan company will collect the requested funds from a group of individual investors.

Funds obtained from investors are then directly given as a form of capital loans for SMEs who apply for loans.

# 2 No complicated process

When compared with other financial institutions, for example banks, of course the process of borrowing in P2P Lending is easier, faster and less complicated.

Try to compare it with the loan process at the bank, which sometimes takes months for loan applications and review applications. Once approved, the funds will drop a maximum of 3 months after the application is approved.

As with P2P Lending .

The process of submission until the funding decision is approved or cannot be done under a week, even a few days. Then, after the submission process is approved, the funds will also run out faster.

# 3 Lower Interest


P2P Lending loans tend to provide lower interest compared to other similar loans.

# 4 Ask Anytime and Anywhere

Along with the progress in the field of Fintech, now all things are very easy and possible to do. You can easily apply for a loan anytime, anywhere.

Only by visiting the website of the existing platform , the proposed loan will be liquid within a certain amount of time.

# 5 Faster Disbursement Process

# 5 Faster Disbursement Process

Submitting a loan to a traditional institution usually takes about 1 month before the loan is disbursed.

Currently, through the P2P Lending platform , you can shorten your waiting time to be faster.

Without the need to wait long, if you are able to complete the required requirements, the loan will usually be liquid within a few days.

This of course can occur because the loan funds that you submit are from thousands of investors in the P2P Lending platform .

Fast Capital Loans -Lending the Right Choice

It is clear not about the benefits of existing P2P Lending ? With various conveniences offered, of course you can make this type of loan an appropriate alternative for those of you who need a loan.

The faster the funds are obtained and with low interest, the more business you have.

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