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Are you always being rejected by the bank to take out a loan, but do you really need money? Mini-loans without a bank can be the solution! Do not you feel like all rules when you apply for a loan, so you are rejected time after time? There is another solution that makes it possible to take out a loan without any hassle!

Simple, fast short payday loan direct lender

Taking out a loan from a bank often takes a lot of effort and a lot of hassle is involved. You have to meet all kinds of requirements before you can take out a loan, and in many cases, you can not even meet all the requirements. In addition, it takes a lot of time and unnecessary work, such as completing stacks of papers and proofs. It is logical that you, therefore, look for an alternative way to borrow, if you still need some extra money. There are mini loans without a bank that you can close via the internet. These are perfectly legal and the loan providers of the mini credits are registered. In this way, you can safely and legally take out a loan without having to look at a bank that is doing hard. After all, a payday loan direct lender at https://bridgepayday.com/ is easy to connect via the internet.

Mini-loans without a bank is for everyone

The mini loans without a bank offered by online lenders can be taken out by anyone. There are few conditions for applying for a mini credit. During the application procedure, you do not check the blacklist and you do not have to have all kinds of papers available to close it. Even borrowing money without work is possible, because a payslip is not a requirement. The only conditions you have to meet are that you are at least 21 years old and have a monthly income. This monthly income does not have to be a wage but may consist of every source. If you are a student, student finance is a monthly income, but also a benefit, child benefit or care allowance are counted as sources of monthly income. This allows you to borrow money without difficulty and the mini loans without bank are accessible to everyone.

How many borrow with the mini loans without a bank?

Mini-loans without a bank means that relatively small amounts are provided to borrow. That is why this online fast loan is called a mini loan. Other names that you will find on the internet for this special loan is also a flash credit, mini credit, flash loan or short-term loan. With a mini loan, you can borrow between 50 euros and 1000 euros. You can decide for yourself the exact amount that you need in between. So you have to pay a few unexpected bills and need 150 euros? Then you ask this. Or do you have to pay a deposit for the booking of your holiday? Perhaps 400 euros is a better amount. But you can also borrow 500, 750 or even 950 euros via the internet without any hassle, thanks to the mini loans without a bank. An ideal alternative!

Youth Loan: Requirements for Obtaining the Loan

Are you young and need a loan, but don’t know the process to follow to get it? How can you get a young loan and how to get the loans with the best interest?

Let’s see it together in our guide on what to do to get a loan with that can help us solve some problems or take away some small whim.

Here’s how to find the young and suitable loan for you!

Youth loan: how to get it

Youth loan

If you find yourself in need of a loan, but you are young, gives you the opportunity to get the amount of money you need easily and even quickly and without having to go through a complex process.

If you need to get money, the first thing we advise you to do is a loan. Here we talk about Unicredit ‘s credit express Dynamic, a young, fast and easy loan

This is a purposeful loan with which you can get the money you need to buy a car, furniture, vacation or anything you want to buy.

We inform you that this type of financing does not allow the purchase of a house, does not allow you to buy land or use it for the expenses to be incurred for renovations. It is a purposeful loan, therefore with constraints.

The loan amortization plan goes from 3 years up to 7 years, to repay the installments on time it is sufficient to provide the data of your current account and Unicredit will directly withdraw the sum of the installments every month. The number and cost of the installments can be decided at the time of the estimate.

The options of this type of loan


The finalized loan provides the customer with three options for the repayment plan :

  • Installment skip;
  • Installment change;
  • Top up the loan.

With the installment jump you can postpone an installment for each year, the installment that will be paid at the end of the payment plan. If you opt for the installment change you can change the monthly spending figure and also the duration of the reimbursement plan.

The loan top-up solution can be requested after two years of amortization and cannot be requested more than three times. This particular option allows you to request extra liquidity to be added to the requested amount.

However, the amount of the new request must not exceed the sum reimbursed by the debtor up to that time.

The necessary guarantees

As with any type of loan, even there are guarantees to be given to obtaining it.

The various guarantees to be provided are always the same, so they also apply to those who do not have a payslip and/or for those who have been protested or included in the list of bad payers. Below you will find the various guarantee options that are useful for applying for a loan

  • The pay slip : the guarantee that allows you to get the loan quickly and also with advantageous rates;
  • The guarantee of a third party : thanks to a third party who can be a parent, a friend or even a relative, a loan can be obtained. The third person’s guarantee, which must be able to act as a guarantee, allows the loan to be obtained, but the guarantor could become the main responsible for the repayment of the sum instead of the debtor;
  • The pension : a guarantee for the loan that can influence the number of installments depending on the age of the subject;
  • The salary-back assignment : helps to get a loan even if you are bad payers and even if you have been protested. The sum to be returned monthly will therefore be deducted from the salary.

What you need to get the loan 


To have the loan you must provide, at the time of the request, the following documents:

  • The pay slip or the last tax return (only for self-employed workers) or the pension slip;
  • A valid identity document.

There is no need to bring other documents since will take care of the rest of the operations.

How long to get the loan?


In most cases, if the loan request has been sent directly to the site, the loan can be obtained from the account up to 48 hours after the opening of the specific case.

In the case in which the sum is requested in a branch, will be the one in charge of indicating to the applicant the waiting time necessary to have the loan needed.

Interest for the loan

Choosing to make an estimate online or even in the branch, allows you to know the interest of the loan so both the TAN and the APR.

TAN is the interest rate. The APR is the summary total cost of the loan. These two values ​​can change depending on the amount requested and/or the type of loan.

The APR is the cost of the fees that must be paid for the practice. Given that both the TAN and the APR can vary depending on the type of loan chosen, we recommend that you check them properly and always choose the lowest and cheapest.

The loan for protested subjects


To find out if  allows protesters and bad payers, we recommend asking for the information you need at a branch. A person in charge will assess the specific situation and decide whether or not to accept your loan request.

One way to be able to get a loan from by protesters or bad payers, you can decide to give the salary- backed loan as a guarantee.

Thanks to the sale of the fifth of the salary it is easier to get the loan even from protesters or bad payers and also helps to have lower interest rates . With the sale you can get a loan repayment plan in 10 years.

And temporary workers?

If you are young and have a fixed-term contract, you can get a loan with Unicredit just give the bank additional guarantees. From temporary workers, the number of installments must not exceed the remaining months of the contract.

Loan: Reviews on the Types of Financing Offers

Are you looking for the right loan for you and don’t know how to get it? What should you do to get a loan and what are the options best suited to your needs?

In this guide we will talk about how to get a loan with Loan and we will explain all the different steps you need to follow to receive the amount you need.

Here’s what you need to do!

How to get a loan


If you need to make some purchases or renovate your home or make some small dreams come true you may need a loan.Loan comes to your aid and allows you to choose the option that suits you and your needs.

Do you want to know how much you will pay each month and what are the interest rates to support? Easy, just make an online quote.

For the calculation of the installment you can make a convenient online quote by entering your data, the amount you decided to request and finally the number of installments to return the figure.

Just enter the data online in the appropriate form and confirm. The quote is free and is in no way binding on the loan request. With the online quote you will be able to find out about the amount of the monthly expense, the duration of the repayment and the interest rates for the financing you request.

Don’t forget that if the repayment months increase, the installment will go down, but the interest will increase. Evaluating the duration of the payment and the rates helps to save money and not waste money.

To find out all the details and characteristics of a loan with Loan, it is advisable to ask for an appointment at a branch and with a specially trained representative, so you will avoid unexpected surprises.

Loan grants to request a loan to:

  • Public employees;
  • Private employees;
  • retired;
  • Foreigners;
  • Bad payers.

To know all the details of the various loans, you need to request an online quote.

The necessary guarantees

Also for Mr. Loan, as for all the other loans, it is necessary to provide guarantees that are the same for everyone and therefore also for those who have been protested or are registered in the list of bad payers.

The guarantees for requesting a loan with Mr. Loan are the following:

  • The pension : a very solid loan guarantee, but remember that the duration and number of installments may change depending on the age of the subject;
  • The pay slip : this is the best guarantee to get the loan, it allows you to have advantageous rates and to get money quickly;
  • The salary-back assignment : a help even for those who have been protested or is on the bad payer list, this is a good guarantee that allows you to have a loan at advantageous rates. The sum to be paid each month will be withheld from salary or pension ;
  • The guarantee of a third party : the third party acts as a guarantee. It can be a parent, a friend or alternatively a relative. In some cases the third party can become responsible for the reimbursement.

What do you need to get a loan from Loan?

To obtain the loan with Loan you must provide:

  • A valid identity document;
  • The payslip, or alternatively the pension or the last tax return (useful only for the self-employed).

This documentation must also be provided by those who have been protested or by those on the list of bad payers. No other documents need to be provided and the bank or institution will do the rest.

Time to get the loan with Loan

Time to get the loan with Loan

For online loans in general, you must wait at least 48 hours after the case is opened for the money. For the loan in the branch it will be the person in charge to report the waiting time to the applicant.

Not all cases have the same waiting times as they can vary depending on the amount requested and the time chosen for repayment.

The interests

loan interests

As anticipated, to find out the interest rate for the loan to be paid thanks to the online quote. You can also ask in a branch and it is not absolutely binding as well as being totally free.

The budget helps to know the TAN and the APR of the loan. The TAN is the interest rate, the APR is the synthetic total cost of the loan or the total commission to be paid for any loan request.

Evaluating the value of the TAN and the APR helps to choose the most suitable ones, just do a quick search and some comparisons to save on interest rates.

And the subjects protested?

There are no guarantees for granting a loan to protested parties or to those on the list of bad payers, even if Loan has thought of a special option for this type of customers.

Going to a branch to request information is the only way to see if  Loan allows you to get money even to protesters and bad payers. We would like to remind you that each case is different and that the person in charge will analyze the applicant’s financial situation.

Once the checks have been carried out, the institute will decide whether to grant the loan or to refuse the request. In some cases the salary-back assignment can be a useful guarantee. The fifth assignment often allows for loans with repayment plans of up to 10 years with lower interest rates.

Loan for temporary workers

Loan for temporary workers

Even temporary workers can generally apply for loans. In addition to the aforementioned documentation, a fixed-term employee must provide the bank or credit institution with some additional guarantees.

So to get the loan it is absolutely necessary that the number of installments is equal to or less than the months of the contract that remain. The additional conditions for obtaining the loan are the same for both fixed-term and permanent employees.

Know the Reasons for Lending Loans

Making More Developing

As we all know, President Jokowi is now increasingly focusing on the direction of government to the micro, small and medium enterprises or MSMEs. This is because MSMEs are projected as one of the driving forces of the Indonesian economy.

According to a report, it was informed that at least the number of MSMEs in Indonesia had reached 49 million and was predicted to absorb more than 107 million workers.

The contribution of the MSME sector to gross domestic product (GDP) has also increased in the last five years. The Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises recorded a jump from 57.84% to 60.34% in 2016.

Among MSMEs, the creative economy industry also recorded positive growth with a growth of 5.6% between 2010-2013. This industry contributes 7.1% of GDP and has absorbed around 12 million workers.

This makes it one of the mainstay domains to encourage increased community income and plays a strategic role in combating unemployment and poverty.

Despite showing positive growth, the MSME sector and the creative economy industry are currently facing intense competition, especially with the enactment of the ASEAN Economic Community (MEA).

The government targets GDP contribution to reach 7-7.5% until 2019.

By looking at the facts, of course it is the duty of the community to continue to drive the progress of the productivity of MSMEs in the future. However, currently a large number of MSMEs in Indonesia still face major problems, in the form of limited business capital.

Have you had the right planning about your business or business? Have the right financial planning by downloading a free financial planning e-book for your 30s.

The Best Lending Solution Loan

The Best Lending Solution Loan


Why P2P Lending is the best solution. Here are some reasons that answer this question.

# 1 without loans


Limited access to capital loans is now being faced by MSMEs in Indonesia. This HH is caused by a mismatch between financial products offered by traditional institutions and the needs of MSMEs.

Most traditional institutions require borrowers to provide guarantees before loans can be disbursed. On the one hand, most MSMEs tend to lack assets or collateral to meet the requirements of institutions such as banks.

Loan products from traditional institutions also require a loan application process that is quite complicated and usually requires a long time in the process of disbursing money.

This is of course increasingly difficult for SMEs that need fast loans to meet business capital needs.

On the other hand, P2P Lending loans are a suitable loan option for MSMEs because they do not require collateral. P2P Lending loans are based more on whether MSMEs are deemed feasible or credible enough for the requested funds.

To get funds from a P2P Lending loan, MSMEs need to submit capital requirements to the P2P Lending platform .

If the proposed business is deemed feasible, the P2P Lending loan company will collect the requested funds from a group of individual investors.

Funds obtained from investors are then directly given as a form of capital loans for SMEs who apply for loans.

# 2 No complicated process

When compared with other financial institutions, for example banks, of course the process of borrowing in P2P Lending is easier, faster and less complicated.

Try to compare it with the loan process at the bank, which sometimes takes months for loan applications and review applications. Once approved, the funds will drop a maximum of 3 months after the application is approved.

As with P2P Lending .

The process of submission until the funding decision is approved or cannot be done under a week, even a few days. Then, after the submission process is approved, the funds will also run out faster.

# 3 Lower Interest


P2P Lending loans tend to provide lower interest compared to other similar loans.

# 4 Ask Anytime and Anywhere

Along with the progress in the field of Fintech, now all things are very easy and possible to do. You can easily apply for a loan anytime, anywhere.

Only by visiting the website of the existing platform , the proposed loan will be liquid within a certain amount of time.

# 5 Faster Disbursement Process

# 5 Faster Disbursement Process

Submitting a loan to a traditional institution usually takes about 1 month before the loan is disbursed.

Currently, through the P2P Lending platform , you can shorten your waiting time to be faster.

Without the need to wait long, if you are able to complete the required requirements, the loan will usually be liquid within a few days.

This of course can occur because the loan funds that you submit are from thousands of investors in the P2P Lending platform .

Fast Capital Loans -Lending the Right Choice

It is clear not about the benefits of existing P2P Lending ? With various conveniences offered, of course you can make this type of loan an appropriate alternative for those of you who need a loan.

The faster the funds are obtained and with low interest, the more business you have.

Loan: Opinions, Reviews and Installment Calculation, Read the Guide

What do you need to do to get a loan with Loan and what are the most advantageous options to get it?

Today’s guide will help you understand how to get the perfect loan for your needs thanks to this group.

Here are all the steps you will need to follow to get the loan for you with Loan Yes!

How to get a loan

How to get a loan

Getting a loan can help solve some small problems or make dreams come true. Loan It allows you to find the best loan option for your needs.

One of the things to point out right away is that the group does not allow you to apply for the loan online, but it does provide other options, such as personal loan and loan with salary-backed loan.

If you want to calculate the installment and know the expense first, just make a quote online by entering your details in the appropriate form, the amount you need and the number of installments. The quote is free and not binding on the loan.

The online quote helps you get an idea about the cost and cost of the installments. Remember that if the repayment months increase, the installment goes down, but the interest goes up. Paying attention to the duration of the payment of the installments helps to avoid wasting money on interest.

If you need to know all the features of a Loan Loan We recommend that you make an appointment at a branch with a representative to avoid surprises.

The necessary guarantees

There are mandatory guarantees to be provided to the bank or credit institutions to obtain the loan, these guarantees are the same even for those who are on the list of bad payers or for those who have been previously protested. The guarantees to be provided also to Loan are:

  • The guarantee of a third party : the third party must be able to act as a guarantee and guarantee for the applicant. A parent, friend or relative can be guarantors. The guarantor could become the person in charge of the loan instead of the applicant;
  • The pension : this is a solid guarantee, but the duration and the number of installments can change depending on the age of the applicant;
  • The pay slip : it helps to have advantageous rates and to obtain a loan quickly;
  • The salary- backed salary : a very solid guarantee that in some cases helps even those who have been protested or is on the bad payer list to borrow money. With the transfer of the fifth the sum to be paid monthly will be withheld from salary or pension. Thanks to the sale there are advantageous rates and repayment plans in ten years.

What do you need to get the money?


To obtain a loan with a loan it is necessary to provide the bank:

  • A valid identity document;
  • The pension, the pay slip or the last tax return (valid only for self-employed workers).

Who has been protested and who is on the list of bad payers is obliged to provide the bank with the same documents. No other documents must be brought to the bank. Moreover, the institution or bank to which the loan is requested will be taken care of.

Time to get the loan


Generally the loan request is processed in a few days, if you decide to apply for a loan in the branch you will be a person in charge to indicate what is the time to get a loan directly on the account.

Waiting times and interest payable may change depending on the case and the amount requested.

How much interest do you have to pay?

How much interest do you have to pay?

If you need to know the interest rate you are going to pay for your loan application you can easily use the online quote. If you prefer you can ask for a quote even in a branch.

The quote is not binding and is also free. The estimate helps to know the amount of the TAN and the APR. The TAN is the interest rate, the APR is the synthetic total cost of the loan which indicates the cost of the commissions to be paid for your loan application.

Before requesting a loan it is always advisable to check the TAN and the APR to find out which ones are the most convenient. With a quick and simple search before applying for a loan, you can even save money on interest.

And the subjects protested?

We cannot assure ourselves that the banks will allow you to borrow money if you have been protested or if you are on the list of bad payers. Only by asking a person in charge of a branch it is possible to know whether the loan will be granted or not.

The person in charge and the bank will analyze the situation and decide whether to proceed with the loan request. Do you need a tip? The salary-back assignment generally acts as a guarantee too   if you are on the bad payers list or have been protested.

Recourse to the fifth assignment helps to have the loan, to obtain advantageous rates and even repayment plans of up to 10 years. Loan We have created a loan option reserved for those who decide to give the fifth assignment as a guarantee.

Loans for temporary workers

Loans for temporary workers

Are you a temporary worker and do you need a loan? Do you think it is not possible to get it because of your term contract? Even with a loan, you can get the money you need, but you will have to give guarantees in addition to the standard ones.

To get the loan from temporary workers it is absolutely necessary that the number of installments to be paid to repay the requested loan, does not in any way exceed the months of contract that remain.

The other conditions to be met for the loan request are the same for both temporary and fixed-term workers. Therefore it is not necessary to add other guarantees besides those mentioned.

This is how riestern goes


The Riester pension is a state-subsidized pension plan . It can supplement the statutory pension. Riester may any employee or official who pays into the pension fund. For self-employed and apprentices there are special regulations. The accumulated money is paid at the earliest from the age of 60 years, but generally at retirement, in monthly installments. By law, it is stipulated that at least the deposits and government allowances must be paid out. You can claim up to 30 percent of the capital at the start of the payout phase at one go.

Advantages of the Riester pension

 Advantages of the Riester pension

The state pays annually 154 euros for private provision. The additional payment depends on the amount of the deposits. Only those who pay four percent of their income can enjoy the full allowance. If the deposits are lower, there is only half of the allowance. For children born before 2008, the state increases the subsidy by 180 euros. For each born after 2008 child, there are 300 euros. The child allowances are paid as long as the children receive child benefit or until they are 25 years old. Young professionals under the age of 25 receive a one-off entry-level bonus of 200 euros. Trainees who had no income in the previous year only have to pay 60 euros.

A tax bonus from the state

 A tax bonus from the state

The Riester pension may be entered in your income tax return as a special expense. The maximum amount for individuals is € 2,100 and for couples € 4,200. The tax advantage is reduced by half of the allowances. Particularly large families benefit from the allowances. These are often higher than the tax advantage. Good to know: The payments from the Riester pension must be taxed upon receipt. However, the tax rate in old age is lower than in the professional life.

Individually Riester

 Individually Riester

Residential Riester is suitable when a property is to be purchased. Borrowing for the purchase will be supplemented with allowances and tax benefits if you borrow a Riester-funded loan. You benefit from a residential Riester by the faster payment of the loan by the allowances and a lower interest rate. However, these benefits only come into play if you inhabit the property yourself.

When you conclude a Riester pension insurance , you will know in advance how much you will receive in the pension. With the Riester Calculator of Aachen Münchener you can easily and conveniently calculate your personal Riester allowance.

The interest rate is based on the interest rates of life insurance. Negative beat in this form, the high costs to book.

With a Riester fund savings plan you achieve the highest returns. Because the sum of all deposits must be available to retire, your contributions will usually go into secure pension funds with a lower return. With the unit-linked Riester pension insurance you select the shares yourself. With the Riester fund savings plan, you have no influence on the selection.

Loans Postponed for Autonomous Workers


Loans changed for self-employment are a line of credit that has become very important today as it increasingly allows the applicant to obtain the desired amount.

The main reason is that the classic funding is often denied to the self-employed because he is unfortunately unable to show that he receives a certain minimum amount of money each month.When the classic personal loan is requested, the credit institution that will have to provide the money needs one or more income documents of the person who needs the loan. By means of these documents, the bank understands the economic possibilities of the potential customer and consequently understands what is the maximum amount that he could reimburse each month on a regular basis and without any kind of problem.

The income document is usually represented by the paycheck, by the pension slip and by the income tax return. Unfortunately for the self-employed only the paycheck and the pension slip have a certain “value” for the lenders.

Prestiti Cambializzati per Lavoratori Autonomi

Let us explain better: the employee who owns the paycheck and the pensioner who receives the pension slip can demonstrate through these documents that every month they receive a certain sum of money. Therefore the bank easily manages to calculate the maximum amounts that these subjects will be able to reimburse and consequently request. The self-employed worker, on the other hand, through the income tax return is unable to demonstrate a continuous income flow because you know, a month could earn a “tot” and the following month could earn a higher amount as lower.

Therefore, the declaration of income for different credit institutions is not considered sufficient to obtain a traditional credit line, precisely because this document is not able to demonstrate a continuous source of income.

In the changed loans for self-employed workers, the subject changes instead. To obtain this particular line of credit it will be sufficient that the applicant, in addition to presenting his own tax return, demonstrates that he is in possession of some movable or immovable property. If the financial company decides that the assets owned by the applicant can be a valid source of collateral alternative to the traditional income, the loan will be disbursed.

Owning property is fundamental to a loan that has been changed. This is because the finance company must run away from any cases of insolvency on the part of the debtor. The executive power of the bill of exchange, used in this loan as a repayment method, allows him to request the foreclosure of the debtor’s assets and their subsequent auctioning to recover the amount needed to settle the portion of the outstanding debt.

In the event that the self-employed person does not have the appropriate assets to guarantee his funding, he may be helped by a third person, who is called in the jargon with the word guarantor. The guarantor makes available its assets as a guarantee of the applicant. Attention, however, in case the debtor does not honor his debt, this will pass into the hands of the guarantor. At that point the guarantor will have to take care of paying the remaining debt and if it is impossible, the debtor’s assets will be seized, if there were any, and then the guarantor’s assets.

Since the position of the guarantor is very delicate, it is advisable to occupy this role in a loan with bills of exchange, and not only, only when the debtor is very well known and only if he is sure that he will have no problem with the repayments.

Unfortunately, to date there are few credit companies that offer loans with bills of exchange to self-employed workers and fortunately they are able to provide funding even to those who turn out to be bad payers or have been reported as protested.


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